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Thank you for your support!  We are no longer accepting donations, but with your help we were able to provide significant support to the 2018 re-election efforts of the candidates that best supported our first responders in the 115th congress.  While some of them won their election and others didn’t, they were all instrumental in advancing legislation that  supported our first responders.  Funds that we received after the 2018 election will be held and used to support those candidates who won their race and seek re-election again.
‘A society that makes war against its police had better learn to make friends with criminals.’ That’s a fact.”
~ President Bill Clinton
After all, the primary purpose of government is to protect the lives and property of its citizens.”
~ Governor Mitt Romney

Welcome to the Police Officers Support Alliance

Public safety is foundational to a free society. No matter what one’s political orientation or opinion on the scope of government, everyone agrees that the most fundamental job of the government is to protect the lives and property of its citizens. It’s as basic as it gets.

The Police Officers Support Alliance is a project of For a Better America, a non-partisan independent expenditure-only group that operates under Section 527 of the tax code. We represent citizens of all political stripes and from all stations in life in support of electing legislators who stand behind the men and women of law enforcement who willingly go into harm’s way every day. They are the brave people who run towards trouble on our behalf.

With all governmental functions, the rubber meets the road in the political process: in the laws and regulations that are passed and in the funding that is provided. We provide a grassroots way for citizens to pool their resources and contribute to the election of legislators who are committed to advancing legislation that will help our police and first responders. We support the election of legislators who help these courageous people do their job more safely and more effectively.

While there are professional organizations of law enforcement personnel, some of which get involved in the political process, we afford a way for citizens themselves to get involved and to add their voice to the voice of the professional organizations of first responders. We offer a way for an involved citizen to leverage their contribution by thousands of times by combining it with contributions from other like-minded people, and to have an effect beyond just their local political jurisdictions.

During each election cycle we identify the most critical and close races, and direct support to the candidate who best represents the interest of police, first responders… and you! We intervene with funds or outreach at the leverage points where a difference can be made.

Alone, it’s difficult to accomplish much, but together we can sustain a society that supports people who work hard and play by the rules… and the law enforcement professionals who protect them.